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melissa + cory’s newport ri engagement session

July 2, 2014

When we met Melissa and Cory for the first time for their Newport RI engagement session, we had no idea we’d be in for an evening of surprises. First of all, Cory should ditch his business-world job and become a catalog model. We tried to convince him to go on tour with us giving posing workshops but unfortunately the pay {cookies} wasn’t quite as enticing as the job he has now. Secondly, if you want to know who “puts Baby in the corner” it’s Melissa.

At the end of our shoot we thought it might be fun to do some action shots on the beach. We said, “Okay Melissa let’s see what you’ve got.” Then we were like, “What, what?!” {See below for visual explanation}. Okay Jennifer Grey, you’ve set the bar pretty high now. We expect to see some of these moves on the dance floor at Castle Hill in August.

And Cory, the offer still stands, we’ve even got some names figured out for your workshop: Casual posing by Cory? Man Posing with Cory? And my personal favorite… Studly in the Sand; a Groom’s Guide to a Beach Engagement session {with Cory}. You name the date, we’ll set it up.

newport ri engagement sessionnewport ri engagement sessionnewport ri engagement session

  1. Melissa Catelli says:

    You guys are AMAZING!!! Forget the bender ball…my belly was sore from laughing so hard the whole time! And I am hoping that Cory will see the light too…the guy has a real gift ; ) We can’t wait for August!!

  2. Jim Catelli says:

    Wow!!! What Beautiful Pictures!!! Love you both very much! Heidi + Jim

  3. Cory Catelli says:

    Thanks for the great photos. I may have to take you up on that male posing venture – “Studly in the sand” sure why not!? Lesson 1: Posing is easy when you choose a beautiful partner

  4. Don Doyal says:

    Great pictures! Welcome to our family Cory. August 2014 will be remembered as a great month for our family. We love you both and I am looking forward to the day I can meet you in person Cory. Acela will be at the wedding, I am sorry I could not be there. Love Don & Acela

  5. Laurie Martins says:

    You both would have a career in modeling tomorrow! And it warmed my heart to see those cheerleading poses on the beach! What gorgeous photos ! Can’t wait for August !!

  6. Leslie Barrie says:

    You two!!! What a lovely pair—can’t wait for August! And to see this Jennifer Grey move in person!

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