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Lilly and Kaike’s Belle Mer Island House Wedding

October 31, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

Lilly and Kai are both from Brasil, but met and fell in love here in Rhode Island. Naturally they planned an Ocean State Belle Mer Island House wedding! Their guest list contained mostly international addresses; as most of their family and many of their friends live in Brasil. Needless to say, most of the wedding day dialogue was spoken in Portuguese. At first I found myself wishing for subtitles, but I quickly realized I didn’t actually need to know what anyone was saying! There was so much expression and emotion in the day that understanding every word was completely unnecessary. It was fun and refreshing to get carried away in the moment without being distracted by language. For example…

Lilly and her bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done at New Leaf Salon in Bristol. I think Lilly and her niece Isabella {the flower girl} are pretty excited about the glamorous result…

Como Bonito!

Collage 1Lilly gave beautiful Tiffany necklaces to her bridesmaids. So thoughtful!

Todos devem ter um amiga como Lilly!Collage 2Everyone was so surprised and excited!

Senhoras bonitas que desgastam bastante joias.Collage 3Bling.

Lindo anel da novia.Collage 4Lilly is a girl who embraces sparkle and it looks good on her!

Faísca bonita em seus sapatos e brilho em seu cabelo.Collage 6Isabella is following in the sparkly shoes of her auntie.

Que menina doesnt sonho de ser uma noiva ?Collage 7Handsome Kai and his well be-speckled groomsmen.

E que menina não, não sonha em se casar com um rapaz bonito ?

Collage 8What a cutie- such a great smile!

Você vê o que eu quero dizer?Collage 9I could look at these photos of Lilly’s nephew Vincent helping her into her princess shoes all day.

InestimávelCollage 10The girls goofing around. Flowers by Broadway Florist.

As senhoras têm um bom senso de humor!

Collage 11This is one of my favorite photos from this season. It’s so quiet but it says so much.

Esta foto é como um sonho .Collage 12Lilly getting some last minute advice from Vincent, who walked her down the aisle in place of her brother who couldn’t make it from Brasil for the wedding.

O acompanhante perfeito.Collage 13Lots of emotional tears during the ceremony.

Uma cerimônia emocional.Collage 14L.O.V.E.

AmorCollage 15Married! The Newport Bridge decided to sparkle it up too!

Uma visão bastante , muito sol !Collage 16Kai and Lilly are so in love.

Romântico!Collage 17Did I mention we were working with our friends at Artistic Wedding Films? We have them to thank for this lovely video light.Collage 18It was sparkly inside at Belle Mer too!

A recepção do casamento foi lindo!Collage 19People from Brasil… they know how to party.

Pessoas do Brasil sabem como ter uma boa festa !Collage 20Collage 21Lilly’s brother made an appearance and sang his sister a song via skype, I couldn’t understand the words… but I didn’t need to, look at those expressions!

Uma bela canção pré-formada pelo irmão noivas.Collage 22Vincent getting his party on.

Todo mundo está gostando da festa !Collage 23As if it wasn’t already sweet enough…

Bolo doce doces beijos !Collage 24This bouquet toss was insane! Talk about enthusiasm! I couldn’t pick just one photo, you really need to see them all!

Parece que esta dama de honra é o próximo na linha !

dn66uCongratulations to Lilly and Kai! leave them some love below, either in Portuguese or English!

Parabéns a Lilly e Kai ! deixá-los um pouco de amor a seguir, em Português ou Inglês !

P.S. Please excuse my inaccurate attempts at Portuguese translation and blame Google translator for any mistakes! 😉

  1. Elaine Rosa Landi says:

    Amazing!!! Beautiful!!! Breathtaking !!! Definitely the most beautiful weeding I’ve been!!! Pics came do so beautiful!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Rodrigo Tempestini says:

    Lindas fotos! Dignas de uma festa tao especial! Parabens!!!

  3. Marcia Gasull says:

    Que lindoooosssss!!!! Best wedding ever!!

  4. Gisela Pimentel says:

    Lindo casamento! As fotos retrataram a felicidade de voces e alegria de todos. beijos

  5. Marilene Almeida says:

    Foi tudo muuuito lindo! Emocionante! Amamos muito tudo isso.

  6. Nerilde Cechinel Da Cunha says:

    As fotos estão lindas!! Não estão maravilhosas!!! Espera vou olhar novamente. Estão espetaculares parabéns…

  7. Paula Matos says:

    Mto lindas as fotos!!a noiva então… Nem se fale!!!!mtaa felicidades!!

  8. Lilly Arato says:

    I can’t stop coming to this blog and look at this pictures! It brings me to that day again! every picture is so full of life and meaning! I absolutely love every single one! Thank you so much Snap! Photography for this amazing masterpiece !

  9. Marjorie Hope Hilbourn says:

    So much love & what a beautiful day & more importantly a forever union between two very sweet souls. ❤️️❤️️

  10. Cristiane Soares says:

    Isso ficou lindo!!!! Adorei!!!! Parabéns!!!!

  11. Marilene-Karol Kugler says:

    Lindo lindo lindooooo!!!!! Foi um prazer enorme fazer parte de um momento tao importante!!! Estava tudo maravilhoso!!!!!!! bjoss

  12. Tassia Sombrio says:

    Lindas fotos, ficaram maravilhosas, todas! Deu saudade do dia, estava tudo maravilhoso!! Bis

  13. Valeria Sigiliao says:

    Impecavel do inicio ate o fim!!! Beijosss !!

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