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Katrina and Peter’s Castle Hill Wedding

September 16, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Ready for a drop dead gorgeous Castle Hill wedding? Look at this vision! Katrina is a knock out, like Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth kind of beauty {not familiar with those icons of the 1940’s? look them up, you’ll be glad you did! ;).  Like her movie star doubles, she just exudes fun and beauty with a little splash of  good natured trouble. If you think she’s just a pretty face and you’d be wrong. She’s in her second year of medical school. She’s the total package.

Here she is, waiting in the chalet at Castle Hill and  looking as lovely as can be {in the July heat} just before her first look with Peter.

Castle Hill Wedding0001

Peter and Katrina’s brother keep an eye on the time and their socks. It’s definitely time to meet up with the bride, get your shoes on boys!

Castle Hill Wedding0002

Peter was totally blown away by Katrina’s entrance.

Castle Hill Wedding0003


Here’s my photo version of a { Castle Hill Wedding }  Monet.

Castle Hill Wedding0004


Snapping a few relaxed portraits around Castle Hill.

Castle Hill Wedding0005


Katrina and Peter have attracted a rabbit fan.

Castle Hill Wedding0006


Practicing the first dance on the lawn. P & K were so fun and up for photos despite the summer temps.

Castle Hill Wedding0007


Peter is as his best man described, the weirdest person he’s ever met. I’m not sure about that. I think he’s pleasantly quirky. Besides, I’ve always thought “weird” people were the best people. They’re more interesting. Let’s just say all of these guys are … interesting!

Castle Hill Wedding0008


These gorgeous bouquets are by Weedweavers.

Castle Hill Wedding0009


Lovely family photos in the garden…

Castle Hill Wedding0010


The florals were so unique.

Castle Hill Wedding0011


Posing with the youngest members of the bridal party. They’re stealing the show just a little here guys… sheesh child actors…

Castle Hill Wedding0012


Katrina’s dad giving her away. It was an emotional moment for him, I love this exchange. You can see the understanding passing between them.

Castle Hill Wedding0013


Katrina’s very spunky grandmother sang a song to the couple during the ceremony. Maybe this is where Katrina gets her movie star quality.

Castle Hill Wedding0014



Castle Hill Wedding0015


Dreamy romance scene, take 1! Cue the sailboat and the wind machine!

That’s a wrap.

Castle Hill Wedding0016


The panoramic shot…

Castle Hill Wedding0024

Moody closing shot for the lighthouse sequence… I’m having way to much fun with these movie references.

Castle Hill Wedding0017


I love the similarities between these two photos. Do you think Katrina hears harp music when Peter twirls her around the dance floor? Maybe that’s a stretch but I like the photos together.

Castle Hill Wedding0018


Toasting and dinner with friends, always such a good time! Especially at a super long farmers table at Castle Hill!

Castle Hill Wedding0019


Katrina sharing a dance with her dad.

Castle Hill Wedding0020


Now who’s all emotional. Sweet.Castle Hill Wedding0021

The moms sharing a laugh and a spin on the dance floor, so happy!

Castle Hill Wedding0022

…and they danced the night away. Literally. Roll the credits…

Castle Hill Wedding0023

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