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Kaitie and Kyle’s Oyster Harbors Wedding, Cape Cod

October 9, 2014

The story behind Kaitie and Kyle’s Oyster Harbors Wedding? Jump and I’ll Catch You.

Kaitie and Kyle have been friends since high school, each others prom dates, and even shared a brief romance before heading off to (the same) college. They graduated from Bentley together and stayed close friends. After Kaitie ended a long relationship, she confided in Kyle that she had just discovered she was pregnant. Brave Kaitie, with her traditional Irish Catholic upbringing, decided to go it alone and stepped beautifully into her role as a single mother to her son TK with her family’s love, support and blessings. As a pleasant surprise, through the ups and downs Kaitie and Kyle found themselves madly in love with each other. They bought a house, moved in together and made a home for themselves. TK has never known his life without Kyle (KY) and has to be the luckiest little boy for all the love and attention that Kyle showers on him…(not to mention the mischief and laughs). Boys need to stick together, but poor Kaitie is outnumbered with these two! Their story is so beautiful and such an inspiration, we so admire Kaitie and Kyle for their strength and bravery and for jumping in together and being there to catch each other and TK.

We’d also be remiss not mention a second person in Kaitie’s family that we are in awe of. Kaitie’s beautiful older sister and Maid Of Honor, Meghan. Meghan is a vivacious mother of three very energetic boys (JP, Connor, and Gavin ages 6, 4, and 2 respectively) and wife to Patrick. When she was pregnant with Gavin she was diagnosed with breast cancer and endured an aggressive treatment plan. Unfortunately, shortly before the wedding, they learned that the cancer had returned. Kaitie tells us that she is fighting back with a very hopeful clinical trial and everyone is staying positive and praying for Meghan’s health. Meghan is such an important part of Kaitie’s life and it’s easy to see why. She unselfishly tended to Kaitie’s every need on the wedding day. She battled 50 small buttons on Kaitie’s gown and got her to the church on time! Whew! She organized and wrangled the bridesmaids and her own three boys. She gave a beautiful toast in celebration of Kaitie and Kyle’s wedding day and she danced like no one was watching with her sister at the reception. Her energy was endless and I don’t know how she did it,  all with a beautiful smile on her face. Meghan you are amazing, a shining star and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

The Team

Venue and Caterer: Oyster Harbors, Wedding Planner: Ali Murphy, Hair and Makeup: The Candy Bar, Florist: Lotus Designs

Oyster Harbors Wedding0001Kyle, his father and his brother (the best man) working on their ties. Kyle got ready at his aunt and uncle’s house a short drive from Oyster Harbors.Oyster Harbors Wedding0002Kaitie’s nephews getting ready for the wedding. Such cuties! They made us laugh all day.Oyster Harbors Wedding0003Kyle and TK sharing a laugh and some hair gel.Oyster Harbors Wedding0004Meghan, (Kaitie’s sister and the Maid of Honor) and Anne Marie (Kaitie’s mom) helping Kaitie with her gorgeous gown. Oyster Harbors Wedding0005Something borrowed and blue.Oyster Harbors Wedding0006TK was enamored with his mom, he couldn’t believe how pretty she was in her veil. I think he wished HE could marry her.Oyster Harbors Wedding0007Kaitie’s dad Thom has a great laugh, they are two peas in a pod.Oyster Harbors Wedding0008Better hold onto that hanky dad, you’re going to need it for this ceremony!Oyster Harbors Wedding0009Kaitie’s favorite men!Oyster Harbors Wedding0010An hour is a really long time to stay in your seat!Oyster Harbors Wedding0011The priest was hilarious, and called the 4 wiggle worms up for a little acknowledgement from the congregation. Oyster Harbors Wedding0012The bridal party makes their way to Oyster Harbors. One of my favorite things about Cape Cod is the pine trees.Oyster Harbors Wedding0013Seersucker suits and binkys. Classic.Oyster Harbors Wedding0014Kisses for grammy.Oyster Harbors Wedding0015Kyle and Kaitie with their Peeps.Oyster Harbors Wedding0016This amazing location is the backyard of Kyle’s aunt and uncle’s house. Lucky!Oyster Harbors Wedding0017Kaitie and Kyle on the beach at Oyster Harbors with perfect light!Oyster Harbors Wedding0018The. Cutest. Trio. Ever.Oyster Harbors Wedding0019The clouds are rolling in, but the light is still spectacular. Cue the wind for the veil!Oyster Harbors Wedding0020

Kaitie is such a great mom, and TK is in love with her. There’s nothing sweeter than a 5 year old boy.Oyster Harbors Wedding 40

Trish is the Queen of organizing large bridal party shots, her latest masterpiece.Oyster Harbors Wedding0021Norman Rockwell.Oyster Harbors Wedding0022Family is all that really matters.

Oyster harbors Wedding 41

Sisterly Love. There is absolutely nothing else like it. These two women adore one another. Oyster Harbors Wedding0023TK and Kaitie cut a rug.Oyster Harbors Wedding0024Oyster Harbors Wedding0025Oyster Harbors Wedding0026How lucky Kaitie and Kyle are to have such amazing and supportive parents as their example.Oyster Harbors Wedding0027Not a dry eye.Oyster Harbors Wedding0028The best of times.Oyster Harbors Wedding0029Madly in love and sharing a little moment.Oyster Harbors Wedding0030
The first time we met Kaitie and Kyle was for their engagement session. They are an “action-y” kind of pair so we did some funny jumping photos at the end of the shoot. We thought it only fitting that we should try an action shot at the wedding too. “Jump and I’ll Catch You” seemed appropriate. Here’s what they came up with, my favorite part is the ribbons on Kaitie’s dress. They are headed for a lifetime of love and family awesomeness and we couldn’t be happier for them! XOXO

Kaitie and Kyle

  1. Susan Doty says:

    Katie you are a beautiful bride and person. Beautiful wedding pictures. Congrats to you and Kyle

  2. Geraldine Gagnon says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! What a wonderful and memorable Wedding! Lots of love to you all! Your Godmother XsOs

  3. Carol Giunta-Hegarty says:

    Just beautiful. So happy for you and your beautiful family! Congratulations again!

  4. Karen Belli Keaveney says:

    Unbelievable pictures, truly a beautiful wedding!

  5. Diana Gallerani says:

    Amazing photos!!!! Thanks for sharing them!!!

  6. Kath Connerton says:

    Perfection. Absolutely beautiful in every way <3

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