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Hillside CC Wedding

November 19, 2020

Gianna and Justin’s Hillside CC Wedding

Excited to (finally) share Gianna and Justin’s Hillside CC wedding. G + J got married in September 2018. I’ve been wanting to blog them forever, and thanks to Covid, now I have the time. Besides, Gianna’s sister Natasha just got married this October and I can’t blog her wedding before Gianna’s! Oh, heck no! LOL

We love shooting multiple events for the same family! Trish and I shot Gianna’s wedding, and Linda and Cloud shot Natasha’s. I’ll blog Natasha’s wedding next so you can see these two glamour girls side by side! We are so fond of them both. 🙂 I dare you to try and find a sweeter pair of sisters.


Getting Ready at Home

Gianna is so gorgeous, her bridal look was done by La La Luxe Salon.


She’s also thoughtful! Presents, yay!


Here’s our girls, Natasha and Gianna!



This is a Labradoodle family… coming and going!


Headed to her Hillside CC wedding!


Justin getting ready at home.




First Look at Hillside CC

Don’t have to coach these two on being expressive. LOL

Hillside Wedding CC


Hillside Wedding CC


So much love you can feel it in the air!

Hillside Wedding CC


Hillside Wedding CC


Formal Portraits : Let’s Do This Thing!

Come on ladies, your turn. Time to turn up the glam!

Hillside Wedding CC


So pretty in pink. Plus, look at that little nugget down front, love her!

Hillside Wedding CC


Prettiest ladies in the place. xoxo


They’re cute, but they can’t out glam the ladies. 🙂

Hillside Wedding CC


The gang.

Hillside Wedding CC


Fur Baby

Hillside Wedding CC



The Fam Dam, such sweet peeps!


Formals – Check! There’s something very satisfying about getting the formal pictures done early.

Hillside Wedding CC


Almost Go Time

A little gloss, a little champagne..

Hillside Wedding CC


… and a little drama – bridal style.

Hillside Wedding CC


Ceremony Under the Gazebo

Such a pretty September afternoon, everything you could ever want!

Hillside Wedding CC


Hillside Wedding CC


Soft light and colors.


Hillside Wedding CC


Having the best time!



This moment never disappoints.

Hillside Wedding CC


We’ll toast to that!


Fave Photo!

I love this pic so much- total framer!


Just Married Photos

Even when we take the bulk of the formals before the ceremony, it’s always good to do a few more of the “married” couple. It’s a different vibe! It really does feel different being married!

Hillside Wedding CC


Hillside Wedding CC


Gotta Have A Good Veil Pic (or Two) (or Ten)

As a general rule of thumb, you can ever have too many veil pictures.

Hillside Wedding CC


Heading Back to the Party

Hillside Wedding CC


His and Hers

Thought we’d do something a little creative. Silver screen movie star photos? Yes!

Frame and hang them together- bam!


Hillside CC Wedding Details

A light, bright, pretty ballroom.

Hillside Wedding CC


Enchanted Florist created the florals for the day.

Hillside Wedding CC


Reception Time

Love the lighting at G + J’s reception – so sparkly! We use off-camera lighting to make the reception photos sing. Without it, the images would have very dark backgrounds. That’s no good! Give us sparkle or give us cake. Wait no… Give us sparkle AND give us cake!

Hillside Wedding CC


These make me say, awww…


Who’s next? Not that guy with the beard I hope. LOL


Nighty Night!

That’s a wrap for Gianna and Justin’s Hillside CC wedding!

Up Next… Natasha and Derrick!

Can’t wait to show you the next wedding from this fun-loving family. 🙂

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