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Getting Ready on the Wedding Day: Advice for Brides and Grooms

April 16, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

One of the big questions we get concerns getting ready on the wedding day. Naturally, you’d want to get your big day started on the right foot! We want that too! So here’s a little Snap advice to help the early part of the day go smoothly and to maximize the potential for photo awesomeness for both the bride and the groom.

What we are trying to do is tell a story.

In the beginning of the day, Trish and I will split up so that I photograph the ladies and Trish photographs the men before the first look or ceremony.

getting ready on the wedding day0001When I first arrive, you {the bride} should not be {quite} ready to get into your gown. You should still be in the makeup chair getting your finishing touches done. This will give us the 20 minutes or so that we need to photograph your beautiful details. The items we would love for you to have on hand and waiting for us are: the invitation, your engagement ring, other jewelry you are wearing, your dress and shoes, and your bouquet.getting ready on the wedding day0002When Trish arrives to photograph the groom, she likes him to showered and wearing pants.

{Don’t laugh, you’d be surprised!}

He should not have tied his tie, or have his cufflinks fastened because she wants to photograph that nerve wracking process! Lay put your manly items for trish to artfully arrange, shoes, tie, socks, belt, and even cologne.

Pro Tip for Grooms: If you’ve never tied a formal bow tie before, don’t make your wedding day the day to learn, practice before! Here’s a tutorial from the Art of Manliness!

Pro Tip #2 for Grooms: If your bride surprises you with something special like custom wedding socks, wear them or risk disappointing her on the wedding day which is a total no-no. getting ready on the wedding day0003If you are changing into another dress for the reception, we’d love to photograph that too! See how lovely your details can look arranged with a monochromatic background? It really speaks to your personal style and tells the story of how you picked out each individual item and adornment, which I’m sure was fun but probably also a little stressful. It feels amazing to see everything come together so beautifully. This is a page you are going to want in your wedding album.getting ready on the wedding day0004Sometimes simple can be so stylish, a man’s shoes, socks, tie, and belt. I love man-bellishments! Know who else likes to see the groom all spiffy? The bride!getting ready on the wedding day0005It’s nice to photograph His and Hers rings together during this time. If you can, arrange for all the rings to be in one place when we arrive. You can always have the best man retrieve the bands before the men head to the ceremony. This way, you won’t have to take your rings off later in the evening for us to photograph them.getting ready on the wedding day0007Of course, if that’s not possible, we’ll just photograph the bands with the groom and the engagement ring with the bride. It’s whatever feels right for you! No hard and fast rules on this one. The only rule we have it all actually is that you enjoy yourself- oh, and the pants, don’t forget the pants!getting ready on the wedding day0006So remember to breathe and enjoy this portion of the day, the anticipation is one of the best emotions you will have. We’ll be sure to photograph all the personal items and touches that make your day so unique.

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