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Dana and Matt’s Blithewold Wedding

September 23, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

It’s just like the old saying goes… You can take the girl out of a Blithewold Wedding but you can’t take the Blithewold Wedding out of the girl!

I have known Dana for well over a decade. Many moons ago she was an event coordinator at Blithewold. We always loved working together because we share a similar sassy sense of humor. What do sassy ladies love to chat about most? Why their love lives of course! At the time mine was imploding, and Dana’s was well… on the slow track. She just never seemed to find a guy who could match her energy, enthusiasm, sense of adventure, and all around sparkle. It was a pretty tall order and Dana is not really a girl to compromise, which is another thing I always liked about her.



Then along came this guy… Dana had planned a big adventure for herself, a move from RI to southern California. The week before she was supposed to leave she met Matt. Figures, you search for ten years for Mr. Right and then he turns up on your doorstep right before you are set to jet to the other side of the country.

Dana and Matt knew there was something special between them, but Matt isn’t the kind of guy to hold a girl back and Dana is not the kind of girl to throw away a dream, so a long distance romance ensued.



That long distance romance brought us full circle, right back here to Blithewold for Dana’s very own wedding!



In her days at Blithewold, Dana sent countless brides out the door and down the porch steps to marry their dream guy. Now it was her turn to take that walk!



Her parents both gave her away.



Blithewold is gorgeous. It’s grounds and gardens are lush and impressive. You know what makes gardens grow? Yep, water.

I can’t even recall how many times Dana fretted on the porch at other people’s weddings wondering if she she could call rain and move the ceremony inside. That it should rain during her wedding ceremony! How insulting!



Or is it? I think the umbrellas actually make the photos kind of fun and a little more interesting. It definitely felt cozy!



No one really seems to mind… Happiness 1 Rain 0



Dana and Matt don’t even seem to be noticing.



Besides, they end up married which is all that really matters anyway.



And then, just like that… the sun came out. Why? Because the other thing that gardens need to grow is … sunshine!



Taking a stroll through aforementioned garden…




…pausing for a little sunlit romance.13

Dana! You’re the bride! And your KILLING it! XO


And we definitely approve of  Matt, he was so worth the wait, he’s such a sweetheart!


We know you’ll take good care of him like he deserves!


I think the best part of the day was the toasts, everyone else was so happy for Matt and Dana as well.


Good things to come to those who wait, things like incredible sunsets for instance.


Dancing the night away with Good Will and Them Apples.


Ever thoughtful Dana and Matt made sure to surprise the birthday girl, Matt’s sister!


I think we can all agree it was a magical night, proof below.

25Dana and Matt, we couldn’t have been happier to be a part of your wedding day and we are over the moon that you found each other! XO The Snap Girls

  1. Dana says:

    Thank you does not seem enough! These photos brought tears of pure joy to my eyes! You captured our special day in such an amazing way I didn’t think possible. Love the photos, love you ladies! #snappersforever #snaplove

  2. Tricia Cross says:

    It was soooo wonderful to see you both. You are the best! You captured Dana and Matt’s wedding so beautifully, as she knew you would. Such a glorious celebration and a fabulous couple. So glad I was able to attend and see dear sweet Dana so happy and so gorgeous. Well done ladies!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photography capturing a magical day! So happy you shared this????????????????????????

  4. Donna Roof says:

    Caro and Jack, These pictures definitely show how special Dana’s wedding day was. Every picture show how much love was shared on this special day. Jim and I are so happy for you and your family and your new son-in-law. What a Blessed day, the first of many. Can’t wait to hear all about all the fun and memorable times on this special day.
    Hugs, Donna and Jim

  5. Linda kuzmick says:

    What a special day. I don’t think the bride or groom saw anything but each other, so I’m not sure the knew it rained. Dana looked beautiful, she seemed to glow. What a great day for everyone. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Marsha McGuire says:

    What a beautiful wedding! The pictures captured such joy on this special day! Congrats to the bride and groom! Thanks for sharing!! Marsha and Gerry

  7. erika says:

    BEAUTIFUL! They look like posed shots out of a magazine… too good to be true! That was an amazing day … Lili says your Fairy Tale is what she dreams of. Congratulations! xo

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