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Colorful Wedding at Blithewold

June 3, 2020

Lydia and Victor’s colorful wedding at Blithewold was colorful in more ways than one. In other words, the colorful summery florals and vibrant setting were not to be outdone by the colorful characters… namely the groom, and his merry band of Forest Devils (more on that later). But first, some vendor love…


Three Cheers for the A Team

Photography: Mariah + Trish, Owner Team / Beauty: Jennie Kay Salon / Florist: Robin Hollow Farm / Caterer: Blackstone / Draping, Lighting, Farm Table, Bar and Lawn Chairs: Exquisite Events / Band: Flipside / Venue: Blithewold / Church: St Mary’s Bristol / Lodging: Viking Hotel Newport



Lydia and the ladies got ready at Jennie Kay’s salon on Thames Street and then walked over to The Hotel Viking.


Strolling in robes is fun.



Lydia and Victor get a kick out of each other, love that about them! Isn’t it a wonderful thing when you find a partner who gets you?


That’s Lydia on the phone telling Victor to hurry the heck up. Ha-ha!


Lydia and Victor’s families are both Ukrainian. In fact, the love birds met at Ukrainian Camp. How adorable is that?

Lydia’ parents gave them a traditional Ukrainian blessing before heading to the church.


Victor also gave Lydia a special gift … which he tried to convince her was a cat/pug T shirt (which she loved, btw)-

but then he came in clutch with the Tiffany’s bag. LOL – Classic Victor!


This little cutie stole our hearts right off the bat. She was a delight all day.. probably because she got in a 20 minute power nap.


St Mary’s Catholic church in Bristol is one of our favorite churches. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s friendly and welcoming. It was fun to be there for a Ukrainian ceremony!


Love this tradition of the bride and groom walking down the aisle together.


Crowning the bride and groom.







One of our favorite shots from the whole day! It sure says … Summer is here!


Nothing quenches your thirst like a summer Rhode Island favorite, Del’s Lemonade!



After the Del’s treat we went down the road to Colt State Park for some snapping. This spot is off of Poppasquash Road.


To be around Victor is to ABS … Always Be Smiling 🙂

I’m voting this photo #wallworthy FRAMER!

I’d smile at this image every day! I think a nice 16×24 in the hallway, or perhaps a stairway would be just the ticket.


Bridal Portrait and Groomal Portrait LOL


How bout’ that view?


So stinkin’ summery!


Little Miss Show Stealer!


Hangin with his peeps…


Time for a Colorful Wedding at Blithewold!

Colors be poppin’ back at Blithewold! This spot is near the Moon Gate is a personal fave.

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


Isn’t this spot lovely?! It’s like a fairy tale, perfect for these beautiful bridesmaids!

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


Here’s a distinguished, manly spot for the men.


Er, I mean Goofballs.


This is my favorite spot for the family portraits. The light is always even and soft and the mansion looks so gorgeous as the backdrop.


And you’re walking …

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


… and you’re zombies. LOL


Now for a little alone time … woot woot 😉


… except for us and the squirrels lurking behind the trees.


Blithewold has so much to offer it’s almost overwhelming! Over the years we’ve developed a game plan… we can make a big circle on the property and hit a lot of the most photo worthy spots!


… stopping to smell the peonies along the way, of course.


Speaking of photo worthy … this one gets my second vote for #wallworthy FRAMER!

I would order a 30×24 to hang over the bed!

Nice romantic reminder of the most romantic day ever.

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


If you’d rather go Vertical … than there’s this version.

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


Time to head to cocktail hour. We sent Lydia and Victor ahead for some actual time a lone and so we could get this PAN-O-RAMA, cha-cha-cha.


Look at the goodies that were waiting for them, compliments of Blackstone!





While Trish was taking cocktail candids and some organized extended family photos, I got to sneak around the tent and take all the detail pictures which is not gonna lie, really fun!


Show Stopping Tented Wedding

Stunning! Absolutely crazy for this lighting! Is this the most colorful wedding at Blithewold? Could be!

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


How pretty is this? So inviting! The table numbers look like sea glass.

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


Everything about this says, “You’re going to have a happy time here.”

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


These succulent escort pots are too cute for words – but, turns out, the words are actually helpful, otherwise you wouldn’t know where to sit.

Colorful Wedding at Blithewold


Victor’s family has a long history of beekeeping and they make the most wonderful honey. When we were leaving that evening, I was dragging our camera bag and told Trish it seemed unusually heavy …  it was weighed down with honey! Victor and Lydia made sure we had lots of honey too and Trish had packed it in the bag for safe keeping.

We’re still enjoying it. 🙂


Another cool Ukrainian tradition…

The Korovai is a traditional Ukrainian celebration bread used as a centerpiece at weddings and anniversaries that symbolizes family and community. The parents of the newlyweds greet them with bread and salt.

Isn’t it gorgeous, and of course, colorful?


Great Idea Alert!

A signpost of important places to the couple! I spy Noviy Sokil Camp on there! LOL



Enjoying the Korovai tradition.


That photo on the right … swoony. Victor may be a funny guy, but he knows how to turn on the romance when it’s time.



I LOVE this Black and White photo too. It gets my third vote for #wallworthy FRAMER.

I love how it tells a story, I think Lydia’s and Victor’s future kids would adore looking at it. I think it could become the thing of family legend. I imagine them trying to recreate this photo on their 25th and 50th anniversaries. 🙂

I’d go big with this one and hang it in the dining room over a credenza or bar cart. It’s a great conversation piece!


What kind of photos do we take during dinner, you wonder?


Well, the toasts, natch’.


Photos of the yummy food- if it’s not too awkward for us to hover over someone’s plate when they aren’t looking,  LOL.


Fun dancing in between courses… shout out to Flipside and in particular our BFF, Corin.


… and finally, we take photos of the bride and groom mingling with friends. We prefer candids, but once an awhile we’ll take a table shot or two.


Just when you thought the day couldn’t get any sweeter …


Partying like it’s their job.


Now we’ve come to the unveiling of the Forest Devils. Remember I said that Victor and Lyida met at Ukrainian camp? The Forest Devils are Victor’s group of merry campers. They’ve remained friends all this time. LOVE IT! Any-hoo, the Devils present the bride with a huge bucket of pennies (not sure why) and a special sash. Then, lucky Lydia gets a spin on the dance floor with each of the devils. She’s officially in the pack now.


Lydia and Victor, we love you… and to quote Fleetwood Mac, “You make lovin’ fun.”

Thanks for making us many shades of happy by including us in your colorful wedding at Blithewold.

xoxo Mariah and Trish

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