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Two Music Lovers Throw a Boston Public Library Wedding

May 23, 2017

Katie and Walter, to use Boston talkin’, are wicked smaaht. I wanted to impress them and anyone else reading this post by using the official word for a person who is a lover of music. I do happen to know that if you love books, you are a bibliophile. Did you know if you love rain you are a pluviophile? (Okay I may have looked that one up).

So my inquiring mind wants to know, what kind of phile are you if you love music? According to the world wide web… there is no single word in the English language to describe a person who loves music. The common term is, in fact, music lover. Apparently the word melophile does mean music lover but it’s pretty obscure. Less than 90% of people know that word (how did they get this statistic)? So as it turns out, now that I know this word, I am in the top 10% of English speaking people who are wicked smaaht about vocabulary. Oooh, and you are too because I have taught you the word!

If I had to bet, I would wager that Walter and Katie already knew the word melophile because they love music and books. Still, in regards to my blog post title, I think Two Music Lovers Throw a Boston Public Library Weddings sounds better than A Couple of Melophiles Throw a Boston Public Library Wedding. Don’t you?

Katie and Walter’s invitation suite was designed by Katie and featured a logo drawn by their friend, Jonathan Finn-Gamino. The design depicts Walter playing the piano and singing while Katie lies on top of the piano reading a book. “Pitch Perfect” for a bibliophile and melophile in love.

The masthead, also drawn by Jonathan features the bridge to the Beatles song, “I Will,” the bridge is, “love you forever and ever.” It is anchored on either end by stacks of books and a “K” and “W.”

Katie and Walter have great marriage role models. Great Great actually.

Katie’s plain band and Walter’s wedding ring belonged to Walter’s maternal grandparents, Robert and Polly. Katie’s band originally came from Walter’s great-great- grandmother and is inscribed with the date Dec 18, 87 … that’s 1887 folks.

Katie is a passionate about feminism and equally as passionate about becoming Walter’s wife. I love that she incorporated some feminist flair into her wedding attire.

Katie and Walter both carried handkerchiefs embroidered with a quote from one of their favorite musicals, The Last Five Years.

Katie’s handkerchief had a bow sewn into it from one of her childhood blankets.

Walter gave Katie a pearl bracelet in honor of her Korean name, Kyung-Mi, which means “pearl beauty.”

I can hear the collective “Awws” already.

Katie might give up her job as a successful software engineer and take up bar tending. She’s quite adept at cork popping. Cheers!

Katie gets a little help from her two sisters and her mother. Her gown is by Lea-Ann Belter. It was perfection. I loved the pearl straps and the pockets!

Here is another of Katie’s elegant accessories.

Poor Katie broke her ankle a few weeks before the wedding! Her one good foot looks lovely in her navy blue Kate Spade shoe!

Meanwhile at another hotel, Walter puts the finishing touches on his bow tie.

Sharp Walter, very sharp.

Katie gifted Walter with a monogrammed wallet and cuff-links inscribed with their wedding date. However, the gift that turned on the water works was a scrap book Katie made filled with letters from Walter’s closest friends and family and the accompanying love letter from Katie.

Katie and Walter decided to forgo a first look, instead keeping with the tradition of the groom seeing the bride for the first time at the ceremony.

We did some clever scheduling so that we could photograph them separately before the ceremony.

First we photographed the men, and then we photographed the ladies and never the twain shall meet… until the ceremony of course.

Bibliophiles with their favorite books, take one.

Take Two.

Lovely Katie.

Bouquet by Center Piece Design.

Hair and Makeup by Ali Lomazzo Beauty.

Katie and Walter’s pretty escort card display.

The wind picked up a little just before the ceremony and there was a lovely breeze in the courtyard.

A “first touch” to calm the nerves. Walter didn’t want to see Katie before the ceremony but he was not opposed at all to giving her hand a little squeeze.

I think the traditional choice was the right choice for Walter- look at his expression!

Sneaky photos from the Juliet balcony.

A melophile’s wedding ceremony wouldn’t be complete without collection of beautiful music. All of the songs and performances during the ceremony had special meaning for Katie and Walter. The a cappella piece was a nod to their shared college experience of singing in a cappella groups (the Harvard Krokodiloes and the Radcliffe Pitches). The hymn sung at the end of the ceremony was a tribute to the Harvard University Choir, where Walter and Katie met at the beginning of their freshman year.

I had a special moment myself during the ceremony while stationed up in the balcony. When Katie’s friends Bridget and Sofia started to sing the operatic interlude, “Die Boten der Liebe,” the sound of their beautiful voices filled the courtyard and floated up past my lucky ears and out into the blue sky overhead. I closed my eyes and listened, feeling very in the moment.

Props to Jennifer as well, she played the piano during that beautiful piece.


Katie surprised Walter with a trumpet send off for the recessional, she tells me it was probably his favorite thing about the entire evening.

Wedding Party with Lion.

A little romance.

The library is rich with fabulous photo opportunities.

Outside for a little fresh evening air.

A moment to take it all in.

Some fun details at the reception…

The chopstick wedding favors were a tribute to Katie’s Korean heritage.

The dinner tables were named after Katie and Walter’s favorite authors. In particular, the head table was named for William Shakespeare. Given a choice, I would have liked to be seated at Jane Austen or JK Rowling.

The dinner menus featured a Katie and Walter inspired crossword puzzle written by their friend Megan. It was a big hit!

Katie’s dad gave a lovely toast where he described in detail a perfect memory of Katie as a young girl.

An epic first dance routine to top all first dance routines… “You’re the One That I Want,” from the Grease Soundtrack.

All kidding aside, it was executed better than Sandy and Danny in the original.

And don’t forget- Katie was dancing on a broken ankle.

Nailed it.

The parents wanted in on the dancing spotlight too.

There is no end to the fun this couple generates.

Sweets and a sweet moment.

Catering by The Catered Affair.

A big send off!

A glamorous ride home. 🙂

Walter pulled his lovely bride down the quiet Boston street and into their future as a newly married couple.

The curtain came down and they received a standing ovation…

The End.

Katie and Walter,

Who knew?! We loved you both when we met you at Snap HQ but how were we to know you had so much hidden talent, enthusiasm and zest?! Thank You for sharing it all with us. I hope you feel the photos do your day justice! XO Mariah and Trish



Just a little tribute to my fab partner in crime, Trish.

The best photo-plan creator, dress wrangler, and group photo organizer ever. Thank you for everything you do at each wedding to make the day run smoothly. You show up and give it your all each and every time. You’re a star!

And you’re a goofy goober.

For those melophiles who might not know, the Goofy Goober song is performed by Sponge Bob.

  1. Katie & Walter says:

    We can’t thank you enough for your exquisite photos! You captured every moment of our day so beautifully. It all went by so quickly, so we are especially glad to have those precious moments documented. Thank you!

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