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Love and Lavender in the air at a Blithewold Wedding

June 30, 2017

So much love!!! It was in the air, you could feel it! If love had a smell, it would be lavender because lavender was blooming all over Elle and Adam’s beautiful Blithewold Wedding.

Elle got ready at an adorable cottage in Tiverton. When I arrived, I photographed her pretty bridal accoutrements, starting with her gorgeous Pronovias gown. It was was lovingly displayed in this perfect (and symmetrical… love me some symmetry) spot.


Let’s just back up a moment… I have to show you this cottage! I never wanted to leave. It has ME written all over it. It’s called the Boat House. It’s literally built over the water on the Sakonnet River. It was the most adorable and relaxing place I’ve been in a long time, the perfect place for Elle and the bridesmaids to get ready!


Elle and Adam planned and made everything for their wedding day together, starting with this pretty invitation.


I found this photo in a book at The Boat House. It reminded me of Blithewold and of Elle. Both classic, both beautiful, both with an air about them of another era.


The ocean, the colors of spring, the smell of lavender…


Elle’s stunning bridal look was created by Ali Lomazzo Beauty.


Elle’s Maid of Honor Marissa helping her into her gown. The bridemaid’s dresses are by JJsHouse.


Elle had fantastic earrings and her grandmother’s pearl necklace which she wore as a bracelet (her cousin did the same at her wedding).


We had a few quick moments for photos on the deck of the Boat House before dashing off to the first look.


Adam- that face! So cute!!!

Love Adam’s mancessories?  The watch and sunglasses are from an eco-friendly, Italian company called WeWood. They are non toxic and free of artificial materials and made from exotic hardwood remnants. The best part is, when you buy a watch, Wewood plants a tree. That’s super cool! Adam was wearing that watch when he came to see us at Snap HQ. I loved it so much I bought one the same day for my outdoor enthusiast son as a graduation gift. It was a huge hit! Thanks Adam!


Adam in his natural element…


I can not accurately express how lovely Blithewold was this day, so I’ll let the photos do the talking. It’s truly a magical place.

Elle and Adam chose to have their first look in the Japanese Garden.

The croaking frogs and the singing birds put on a private concert just for them. It was peaceful and sweet.

Elle said  she wanted the vows to be private. It was very profound for them. She said wanted this moment to be “just for them because that’s how the rest of their lives would be … a million romantic little moments that no one else would witness.”

Well, almost no one.


Adam waited on the stone bridge with Trish while Elle and I made our way through the woods to meet them.




Elle and Adam read their vows to each other.


Sealed with a kiss.


A little stroll, a little photo-ing, a little poison ivy for me from crouching in the bushes. LOL.




We met up with the bridal party for a few photos too.



Before we knew it, it was time to get Elle and Adam officially married.


A “must have” Blithewold photo!


The breeze blew the bouquet of this lavender into the ceremony. It was perfection for the senses.

I mentioned the breeze to Elle earlier in the day. She said, “I ALWAYS tell Adam, feel the breeze?! I think it’s one of the simplest pleasures in life.”

It’s one of my favorite things too.




So happy!


We took Adam and Elle for 10 minutes of “Just Married” photos while their guests got settled into the cocktail hour.


This spot is everything!


Dreamy light and lots of love.


Pretty, pretty at the reception. Elle’s vision was a “soft white glow inside the tent.” Voila!

Blackstone was their caterer, Laurie Marshall was the florist.


Soft music, soft sunset. So romantic!


There were really funny toasts given by the groom’s brothers and the maid of honor. They both spoke about how kind Elle and Adam are. Adam’s brothers told a story about the “Bacon Rating System.” Adam’s mom (a health nut) divvied up the bacon between her three boys. For some reason there was always a spare piece of bacon. She bestowed the bacon on the most deserving brother. Apparently, Adam received the extra strip of bacon for 67 straight weeks. That’s just the kind of kid he is. LOL.

Marissa said that Adam and Elle are, “Two of the kindest and most compassionate people I’ve ever known and what we need to change this world is kindness and compassion.” Well said Marissa.

I witnessed this myself watching Adam and Elle thank their vendors multiple times throughout their day. Elle even took a few minutes from the photography to say hello to the DJ (Moondance Productions) because she was concerned she hadn’t greeted her properly the first time she saw her. Someone give that girl a piece of bacon!


I love a big exit! The guest lined up with glow sticks to send Elle and Adam off into their future!

Elle and Adam, It’s our turn to THANK YOU for being such amazing clients and overall fabulous people. You are EXACTLY what the world needs more of! XO M & T



Trish organizing our group… and the finished photo.


Catering dynamo and fun-friend Karen of Blackstone Catering!


I’m ALWAYS crouching in the flora and fauna, but it’s worth it.

  1. Elle and Adam says:

    This is absolutely incredible. You perfectly summed up our day and us! We could not be luckier to have these memories and moments of sweetness that were captured. You two are the BEST! Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Diana Blythe says:

    All I can say is WOW! You folks not only captured the genuine spirit of an amazingly beautiful and magical event, your narrative and exquisite images clearly reveal how well you got to know Adam and Elle. You truly captured the love and respect they have for one another as they joyfully celebrated their union surrounded by family and friends on a glorious day by the sea.
    Thank you for doing an absolutely magnificent job and adding the sweet personal touches that define this special couple. As Adam’s mom- I hereby bestow upon you- the extra bacon strip! Bravo ladies!

  3. Phyl Grandchamp says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures that capture the love and warmth of Elle & Adam’s very special day???? Everything looked perfect! Best wishes to all!

  4. Douglas Holtz-Eakin says:

    This is breathtaking! It was a very special day and I did not think that the photos could capture it. They do and I am so grateful.

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