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Atlantic Resort Wedding

April 15, 2020

Christina and Peter’s Atlantic Resort Wedding

We started the day and finished the day with an Atlantic Resort Wedding … but in-between, we sure got around Newport! It was a long day- about eleven hours of shooting- but Christina and Peter were smiling and laughing from the first photo to the last. The time really flew by and looking back on this day now, six months later, I really appreciate what a perfect day it was!

Take us back!

As usual we had fabulous vendor friends to work with:

Photographers: Mariah and Trish: Owner Team / Reception Venue: Atlantic Resort / Church: St Augustin / Photo Location: The Elms Mansion / Florist: Stoneblossom / Videographer: Stop Go Love / Rentals: Peak Rentals

Starting off with the girls : Getting ready


The Invitation Suite… beautifully arranged for me by my friends at Stop Go Love -thanks guys!

I spy with my little eye, a photo from Christina and Peter’s Holy Cross Engagement Session, which you can see HERE!


Jammies and bubblies are a good way to start the day.



Aw, look at our gorgeous girl! Christina is a true beauty.


Christina’s mom is so in love with her daughter. I can relate! She’s oozing super-mom pride! LOVE it!


Something you should know about Peter … he’s a rascal.


… and his rascally ways are infectious. This is a person you WILL get into trouble with.


But how could you resist him? Look at that face! That’s a face that could talk you into just about anything!



Arriving at Church

Can’t start without the bride! Christina is breezing in, places everyone!


I like being at the back of the church with the bride and her father, Trish usually shoots that, but this time I got to. Yay me!


Classic Moment!


Christina and Peter are both so happy and excited. Love it! Sometimes people have very solemn expressions on the altar, it’s disconcerting.


Let the joy leak out of your face, I say!


Gonna get in trouble in class though, Peter, for talking to the pretty girl next to you 😉 Maybe this time we’ll give you a pass.


The I Do’s.


Married! Don’t mind that look on the best man’s face – ha-ha!

I swear, he was super excited for his brother!


Recessional photos are always a fan fave. It’s the happiest moment of the day!


This one is pretty stellar- a Trish special, I think.


Oh, this one is good too! So many choices! That’s the nice thing about having two photographers – all the angles are snapped.


Happy happy joy joy!


I love this shot, just something about it that is so fun.

I like the wedding bands being featured.


Let’s get Formal

The next stop was the Elms Mansion for formal portraits. We had a captive audience as the family and wedding party were on the trolley. It’s nice when we can keep the group together- that way no one goes missing. How pretty is the background? I love this spot for family portraits; the light is very even and soft and the background is lovely. Lots of texture and looks fancy – the peeps pop! Gotta pop those peeps!


Now for some strolling…


The fountain is another great backdrop. The water is a fun element and the white marble is nice and reflective. Plus, cue the wind!



The mansion itself is waaaay across the lawn. It looks best shot with a long lens so you can get the whole building in the background, but it looks nice and close to the subjects instead of like a spec in the distance. #phototrickery The light can be a little harsh (although not on this day) so action shots here are usually best.


Right? How cute! If we ask you to walk, talk. and laugh, just go with it. It may feel dumb, but it looks adorable in the photos, we swear!




The bridal par-tay wanted to do something “fun” this is what they came up with! Love this crew!





In-between moments are the best.


We like a nice mix of “wall worthy” portraits and romantic, cute, spontaneous candids. Like this …

…and this!


There’s no reason you can’t have both! When people ask us about our style, we always say – a nice mix!


Next Stop : The Cliff Walk at Ledge Road

To add some dramatic “end of the earth” type pictures to the mix!


Queen, on her pedestal, where she belongs.


Seriously, stop!


Oh. My. God. Wall Worthy!

This photo should be printed no smaller than 36×24. That is fact. It should be hanging over a bed or a mantle. It’s perfection, if I do say so myself.


Atlantic Resort Wedding Ballroom

Some serious elegant sparkle factor coming your way.


Breathtaking head-table!

Atlantic Resort Wedding


LOVE the twinkly star shaped lights in the background!

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Stoneblossom, you may have out done yourself this time.

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Atlantic Resort Wedding


All we need now is party go-ers! Although, I love no one was allowed in with their pocket books and pashminas to junk up our gorgeous wide shot of the ballroom. Thanks Atlantic Resort for keepin’ it pristine!

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Extended Family Pictures

The age old question … to bother with these extended family group photos or not? It’s a personal choice. This gang was into it and organized and we had a completely separate location downstairs to do the pictures which made it less messy than if we were jammed into the cocktail hour. I believe the cocktail hour was actually 90 minutes- that’s a bonus too. It probably took 30 minutes to do these 4 groups while waiting for people to assemble. So, you have to ask yourself, will it be worth it to me later to have these portraits? I mean, this is everyone from both sides of Christina and Peter’s families. It was important to them, so they made time to do it. Did they hate doing it?  yes, of course – but they were good sports, and now all their people are documented.


Reception Time

Making a grand entrance! Too cute!

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Giving new meaning to the phrase, twinkle toes.

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Great toasts, the audience was totes into it!

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Atlantic Resort Wedding


Golden Hour Break

During dinner we ran outside for a little fresh air and sunset photos. The timing was perfect! It’s almost like we planned it that way!

Atlantic Resort Wedding


The view from the lawn at the Atlantic resort is really pretty: sweeping lush lawn, hint of ocean in the background…

Atlantic Resort Wedding


… and the sunsets are glowy!

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Could have stayed out here longer, but there was a party to get back to.

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Let the Merriment Begin

Don’t worry, Peter may be a rascal but he is NOT a cake smusher.

Atlantic Resort Wedding


Atlantic Resort Wedding


Definitely one of our best father -daughter dance photos!

Atlantic Resort Wedding



Okay, let’s get serious about this party.


And, we’re right back where we started- the Holy cross engagement session to the last photo – the Holy Cross gang at this Atlantic Resort wedding!


Christina and Peter, We miss you guys! This day was epic. Thank you so much for having us. Looking back on the photos is so cheery! We’re grateful to have been there. XO Mariah and Trish

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