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Meghan and Stephen’s Aldrich Mansion Wedding

February 3, 2016

By Mariah Ashley

One of the reasons we love an Aldrich Mansion wedding is that it is perfect for an off season event. Meg and Steve planned a cozy, intimate wedding on a chilly late November evening. We barely stepped outside but it didn’t matter in the slightest because Aldrich Mansion is so lovely on the inside. Mariah started with Meg and the ladies getting ready in the bridal room upstairs in the mansion. The sun had almost set when it was time to make our way to the chapel for the ceremony.



Meanwhile, Trish photographed the men at the chapel waiting for Meg to arrive. This little ring bearer was shy but Trish has a way of coaxing out the cooperation. Mainly she ends up talking about things 3 year old boys like and if that fails there’s always boogers.


Stephen and Co. Quite the group of gentlemen!



Meghan and her dad wait at the back of the church for their turn to process while the flower girl photobombs Mariah’s shot. Precious!

How great it is to share a good laugh right before a nerve wracking moment!



Two of the biggest moments of the ceremony; the F.O.B. handing off the bride to the groom and then of course the bride and groom sealing the vows with a kiss.






Meghan and Stephen had a few minutes alone for formals on the beautiful staircase. How gorgeous is the back of Meghan’s dress? Vintage sexy!



Fun shoes Meghan! She seems the quiet type, but she’s got a sparkle streak a mile wide!



Past and present newlyweds. Love the tradition of wedding photographs. It’s so important, not only to the current bride and groom but to generations to come. Why is that? Because a wedding marks the origin of a new family line upon this earth.



Toasting from the best man. Love our dynamic reception lighting in these photographs if I do say so myself! Trish generally shoot the reception and I am her lighting girl, that’s why you see that nice dimensional/ directional lighting in the reception images. #professionalphotographer



Heartfelt hugs at the end of the parent dances.

I’m going to cling to my son like a three toed sloth on the day he gets married! I’m sure Trish will agree. She’ll probably have to pry me off of him. Can’t help it, he’s my baby. All six feet two inches of him.



The party in full swing. Love to see everyone letting lose!


A sweet ending to a cold day filled with so much warmth!

And of course, Trish’s signature end of the evening photo!


Meghan and Stephen, You are both so sweet,unassuming and lovely to be with. Thank you for having us document your Aldrich Mansion wedding. There’s nowhere we would have rather been on a chilly November evening! xoxo Mariah and Trish

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