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A moment with Mariah, “Don’t be scared, I have F.E.D.”

March 13, 2013

I think of myself as a really smiley good moodish kind of person, but apparently some of the time my face is not getting the message. Some of the time, I just look downright pissed off though inside I’m like…La la la, happy, happy. It happens all the time at weddings. Trish will say, “What’s wrong? Why are you mad?” Sometimes she has to make an exaggerated toothy smile face at me from across the room because my face is actually frightening the flower girls. I’m always taken back by this because most of the time I think I’ve been grinning like an idiot. My daughter Vianne has also been caught of guard by my scowling appearance more than once and has also asked me why I’m mad when I’m not. I told her that I think that’s just the way my face is and sometimes when I am really thinking about something it looks like I’m mad. She told me that I have F.E.D. (Facial Expression Disorder), which of course is a made up disorder… or is it? You be the judge…

I was pretty horrified when I saw this photo of myself from Nan and Josh’s wedding {hi guys!}. I was having a great time, listening to the toasts. I distinctly remember having warm and fuzzy thoughts during this time, but you’d never know it from my face! So, I’m going to work on it…but please give me the benefit of the doubt if you see me at your wedding with a sour puss glare face, I’m not mad… I just have F.E.D.

  1. Kim Burlison says:

    This is so funny, Lee’s younger brother does the exact same thing! In fact I think you snapped him doing it while he was standing next to Lee at the alter, gasp!

  2. Barbara Westlake says:

    I also suffer from F.E.D. as did my dad. I wonder if this “disorder” will get me special treatment at Southwest airlines…

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